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About Terje Kulu

Terje Kulu is a native of Estonia. As a former professional gymnast and member of the Estonian National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team Terje has over 35 years of experience in athletics, coaching and mentoring. She is the founder, owner and executive director of Premiere Gymnastics. Her flair and creativity for Rhythmic Gymnastics is  attracting  students from all around the world.  During her 20 plus years coaching she has coached a long list of State and Regional Champions. 
She is also a Fitness coach and a strong advocate for health and wellness.
As the founder and owner  of Rejuvenate 4 Life. Terje’s mission is to positively impact and transform lives by taking a holistic approach focusing on the body, mind and spirit.
Terje is a  certified speaker  and her passion is to empower women by  encouraging them to love themselves fully just as they are. He desire is to help people to  fulfill their dreams, goals and visions. 
She is a best selling author for her contribution to the book Journey to the Stage. She is currently working on two book projects to be released this year
Among her many certifications and accolades she a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Physiology from the University of Tartu in Estonia

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